How to Participate

Calling all ice cream shops in America! Pledge your Allegiance!

How?  If you own an ice cream shop, e-mail us ( and we will provide you with free files of branded material and other important templates for your “I Pledge” event!  You will have the opportunity to incorporate your logo or branding in the space provided on these documents!

The I Pledge Project Team will promote the event at the national level through press releases and social media where ice cream lovers nationwide can upload videos of their family and friends saying the pledge of allegiance.

Click any of the FAQ’s below for answers to common questions.

What support materials do participating stores receive and how do I get them?

We will gladly supply you with branded promotional material (posters, table tents, press releases, etc.).  Most of these have a blank spot for you to add your store logo or name.  Just email and we’ll send a packet right over!

Must all stores follow the same guidelines for days and hours of events?

Not at all!  We choose to begin on July 1st and then host events each Monday during July (National Ice Cream month).  Many participating stores do it for one day only or on different days of the week.  As long as you let your customers know what your schedule will be, then you’ve set up the perfect I Pledge schedule!

What obligations do store participants have?

Only to happily participate!

Is there any membership or cost to participate?

No outside cost whatsoever to participate.  Leopold’s Ice Cream wants only for the youth of America to be included in this annual event.  Your only cost is the ice cream you give away.

How do I sign up to participate?

Please email for more information, to be added to the website and to receive a packet of marketing materials!

What kind of stores can participate in the program?

Any frozen dessert store can participate!  All that is required is a love for America and what the Flag stands for.

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